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What if you want to make a really big change? A change that appears to be well beyond the resources you or anyone else commands.

In the later theoretical chapters I provide a formal quantified definition of organizational change, work, force, and energy.  When I discuss these I will give a quantitative relationship about the work, force, and energy that a change agent must apply to make a change.  In such a formulation one can also assess the affect of conflicting change agent forces.  But even without the mathematical formulation it is clear that the greater the change the greater the change effort required.  Every person has a limited amount of resource that they can apply to any change activity. 


There is, however, a loop hole in the Law of Strawberry Jam.  Organizations are more than just the relations between its various components.  Human organizations include memetic actors and memes.  Memes spread not like jam but more like a virus.

When the minds of the people are changed, the revolution will be done.

- Henry David Thorough

There is no physically allowed change that cannot be accomplished if you can get enough minds to act coherently on the trim tabs they each control.  No matter how extreme your Utopian Dream, you can accomplish it, if it is physically allowed and if you can find and spread enough of the right memetic trim tab virus.  You need to tell a very good story.

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