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For 20 years Dr. Angel has consistently achieved clear, specific, and verifiable business benefits from his work as a senior manager and technical leader.  He combines in depth knowledge across the full range of technology with significant organizational development and process management knowledge.  He is a published author focusing on project management and high achieving groups.  His work has brought him into close interaction with and support of senior executives in both the public and private sectors.


B.S. Physics, University of Santa Clara, 1967
M.S., University of Arizona, 1969, National Science Foundation Fellowship
Ph.D. Computer Science and Business Administration, Walden University, 1992
442 Hours of Project Management and Organization Process Related Workshops

Selected Accomplishments

  •       Wrote the strategic plan to expand the Professional Services Operation for Indus Corporation to the West Coast.  Then, as Director of West Coast Operations, I led the business from a zero base to $4.6M in 18 months.

  •       Developed the strategic plan to significantly improve automation support for the International Healthcare Resource Management practice in 37 countries.  This required developing extensive automation and healthcare performance metrics, complex analytics, data warehouse, decision support, and localizing automation systems to17 Languages.  Implementation of the plan reduced total operating costs, provided significant increased client services, and new business opportunities.

  •       A principle participant in developing a strategic plan for an Enterprise Level Decision Support System for the Advanced Farming Consortium.  I then led the implementation of the plan.  The effort was directed to reversing market share loss, focusing R&D on well defined new product development with quantified business value, and opening opportunities for significant new markets. 

  •       Called upon to rescue a major Science Applications International account.  Led Y2K effort and strategic planning for implementing Eurodollar for British Petroleum, European Operations (14 countries).  Reduced project cost from $100M+ to $24M.

  •       Translated a high level strategic plan to revamp maintenance procedures, hardware, and software for two US Air Force fighters as part of a global restructuring of aircraft logistics support.  Required extensive IT governance and practice changes.  Increased mission readiness by 4% and reduced costs by 9%.

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