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Outcome is more sensitive to feedback than any other factor I considered in my simulations.  Now in retrospect, it seems so obvious.  It apparently was not obvious to me when I started the simulations because as you will see when I talk about Strapping a Jet On Your Back, I was caught by surprise.  Surprise can be one of those wonderful moments, as long as you see it coming and can turn it to your advantage before it knocks you over. 

Feedback is so important that if you get it right and do everything else wrong you will succeed.   OK, I am exaggerating, but only slightly.  If you are in a competitive environment and you and your opponent get feedback right and then she does something else a little more right than you, you lose.  If you get feedback right and do just minimally okay in other things, and your opponent does feedback only moderately well and does everything else exactly right, you win.  It does not matter if it is war, business, or community projects.  It is that important.

A little theory and then an example.

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