Highly Complex Systems

Wayne M. Angel, Ph.D.

It is difficult to forecast, especially the future.
Nonetheless we need not, and sometimes must not, go into the future believing that which is not true. 

This text is about a comprehensive and quantitative theory of society and its application to decision making.
My purpose is to improve our prospects for the future at all levels of projects and organizations.




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The processes by which we design, plan, and operate our social, political, cultural, and commercial organizations have been developed through an evolutionary search.  For some time the selection process has been based upon who can tell the best story.  Herein I offer a different approach.  Based upon a verifiable and quantitative theory of society I examine how to achieve optimal results from our various organizations. 

The existing literature does contain much of what is necessary for optimal achievement.  However, there is much in the political, psychological, and business literature that is of little or no value for optimizing what we want from our organizations and indeed from society as a whole.  Based upon the Theory of Society and organization simulations I separate out the valuable needle from a haystack of false beliefs.

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